The Fatherland

Not your typical “dadcast”, The Fatherland is for men who have faced the realities of life and understand how relationships between men and women really work. Restoring the patriarchy, faith in God, and leadership of the family are all things we are working to get back to fix this sick society.

It’s also about mentorship. Older men in “this thing”, whatever you want to call it, have a responsibility to reach out to the younger men who make up its majority and help them avoid making stupid mistakes, learn the things we learned through trial and error and hopefully move on to create a better world for all of us to live in.

All of that sounds pretty serious! We also talk about the day-to-day of married/adult life. Lawn care, home and car maintenance, finances, raising kids … we leave the politics to the many other shows that cover current events and activism.

Join host Jim Flanders as he takes your calls every Sunday night at 8PM EDT. You can call in via phone (local numbers available all over the world!) or your xbox headset plugged into your computer. More info at . We also simulcast to Youtube, but that’s a bit complicated. You can get the URL on Jim’s Twitter @fatherlandradio.

This page hosts the podcast version of the live show where Jim cleans up the audio a bit. You can listen to the shows here boomer-style, or get out and get some work done while you listen on your portable media device by signing up for the RSS at http:/// Download links are available for boomers at