Exodus Americanus 276: 20th Anniversary Conspiracy Special


We bring back Musonius Rufus for an extra long episode on what we can surmise and speculate on regarding our favorite False Flaggers: The US Federal Gov’t. Enjoy!

He just can’t get enough
Hiding true motives
Protected characters
Missing footage
Falsely explained circumstances

It’s all about who gon give it to ya

Chadpole instincts
The murder of civilians
Failing upwards
True investigators
The repeat Charlottesville
Combating the use of glowies


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8 comments on “Exodus Americanus 276: 20th Anniversary Conspiracy Special

  1. Templar Barbarian

    Meh, truther bullshit. Same song and dance for the last 20 years.

  2. Papa Aurelius

    P. S. Call you Mom. All of you

  3. Papa Aurelius

    The collapse of the twin towers is entirely due to the lack of asbestos linings in the elevator shafts.

  4. Grasshopper

    Just a correction, the pfizer CEO is vaccinated, with the Pfizer vaccine.

    You still shouldn’t take it.

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