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The Daily Decade Prayercast S4e29

Series 4, Ep. 29: Aspire to God

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Today’s Daily Decade, for the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene, is on the way worldly aspirations and ladder-climbing pull us from God, but in a different way than other vices, and why the spirit that drives them can be redirected towards higher things.

Today’s prayer intention is for two families with loved ones in a critical state in hospital, for the strength to glorify God in all things.

Today’s intercession is asked of St Anne the Mother of the Mother of God.

God love you!

Day 4 of Our 40 Day Novena to St. Augustine!

Pray with us for an end of the crisis in the Church. Non-Catholic listeners, we welcome your prayers for the unification of Christendom and the defeat of our enemies.

O God, Heavenly Father, we come humbly before you with our petition for the swift resolution of the current crisis in the Church which Thy Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ didst leave to us as a means to reach Him and You, with Whom He livest and reignest in unity with the Holy Ghost. To this end, imploring Thy infinite mercy and condescension, in the words of Thy great and fruitful servant, our Father among the Saints Augustine of Hippo, we pray:

O God, You alone do I love, You alone I follow, You alone I seek, You alone am I prepared to serve, for You alone are Lord by a just title, of Your dominion do I desire to be. Direct, I pray, and command whatever You will, but heal and open my ears, that I may hear Your utterances. Heal and open my eyes, that I may behold Your significations of command. Drive delusion from me, that I may recognize You. Tell me whither I must tend, to behold You, and I hope that I shall do all things You may enjoin. O Lord, most merciful Father receive, I pray, Your fugitive; enough already, surely, have I been punished, long enough have I served Your enemies, whom You have under Your feet, long enough have I been a sport of fallacies. Receive me fleeing from these, Your house-born servant, for did not these receive me, though another Master’s, when I was fleeing from You? To You I feel I must return: I knock; may Your door be opened to me; teach me the way to You. Nothing else have I than the will: nothing else do I know than that fleeting and falling things are to be spurned, fixed and everlasting things to be sought. This I do, Father, because this alone I know, but from what quarter to approach You I do not know. Do Thou instruct me, show me, give me my provision for the way. If it is by faith that those find You, who take refuge with You then grant faith: if by virtue, virtue: if by knowledge, knowledge. Augment in me, faith, hope, and charity. O goodness of Yours, singular and most to be admired!

Through Our Lord, Jesus Christ, Thy Son, who livest and reignest with Thee in union with the Holy Ghost, world without end. Amen.

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