Exodus Americanus 267 – And the Bad News Boars

Howdy everybody! The boys are back once again to fill you in on the state of play in the White Working Man’s World. Rev up your lawnmowers, polish your boots, clean your tools, and give yourself 2 hours of nice, smooth listening!

Smoke a beer, drink a bowl, the Houseboat boys are ready to roll!

Toning down
Paddle the kayaks
Staircase wit
Drinking a little different
Softball Shenanigans
Constructive arguments
Microwaved pop-tarts
The 4 Boat Hogs of the Apocalypse


Misplaced trust
Be present in the moment
Back to back guardian angel saves
Being courteous in nature
Fantasy rope cost
Boarish Behavior
You just got Exo’d


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Exo Elwin


Steam Codes
Roscoe : 1319794570
Warlus : 1080833720

You can send cash, money orders, or river supplies to:

Exodus Americanus
POBox 519
3818 Paoli Pike
Floyds Knobs, IN 47119


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4 comments on “Exodus Americanus 267 – And the Bad News Boars

  1. unityostara

    “Look Vaughn, this isn’t the California Penal League. We wear caps and sleeves around here”

  2. Larry Finklestien

    Great show, guys.

  3. Roscoe two WV magnets were sent to that PO Box over a month ago. Are you sure that’s the correct P.O. Box? I double checked the second time I sent and they still just say running late.

  4. JoJo Show, cmon

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