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Exodus Americanus 265 – Mom Found the Cum Toad

Smart fellas
RIP John McAfee
Gym chimps
The good, the bad, and the internet
Tools in them there walls
The Outlet Painting Test™️
The Redneck Rave
Gumroad updates

X givin it to ya all summer long

Everyone’s favorite work stories
A fool’s errand
Huffing ain’t easy when you’re deaf
White boy summer shades
Beach lard
Forgotten porn hobo
Look what you made me do
$50 tomato king
The closet in the stairs


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5 comments on “Exodus Americanus 265 – Mom Found the Cum Toad

  1. 1776blues

    Roscoe, funny you mention a board stretcher, back in 86 when I worked at the Post Office, a veteran carrier instructed a newbie to fetch the case stretcher and off the newbie went searching for and asking about this non-existent device. It was hilarious. I asked the veteran carrier why he did that and he just grinned from ear to ear. The newbie returned with a worried look on his face, the vet then explained. The newbie took it well.

    • Toilet Tomato

      Ditto, in the Army some older NCOs would have the fresh basics fetch grid squares and headlight fluid from supply.

  2. This nib…….”I am ultimate cynic” “you gotta be super positive all the time” I love you guys very much

  3. I rebought the WV magnet because it says it’s running late. On the way fam

  4. WA magnet on the way buddy!

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