Exodus Americanus 262: Walrus is My Copilot


Summer time is here
Happy Killdozer Day
Reasonable men, forced to be unreasonable
Double edged immigration
Still made it to the ring
Special Guest

X gon bless ya rains

X reaching the normie
The Tent Bed conclusion
Normal ain’t normal no more
Can’t help locally, only globally
Crime pills
Rich libs poor abuela


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4 comments on “Exodus Americanus 262: Walrus is My Copilot

  1. Steven B. Vandervelde

    I like the intro music.

  2. unityostara

    In Swedish culture, we are almost in Midsommer and up here in Minnesota we are in full summer. Much respect to the Killdozer!

  3. unityostara

    Chadpole won me a bet by making a cameo. Predicted it. Too cute!

  4. Is there somewhere to get this mashup? I need this one

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