Exodus Americanus 257: Swiggity Swag, Get in the Bag

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This week’s special, live ExoFest edition of the Great American Houseboat has bagged ass level of audio quality, so we hope it makes you feel nostalgic and shit

Comin at you live
No one cares, get in the Zord
Building upon creation
Tourist ruin everything
Saturday thrift day
Society fixing it’s mistakes
This is my reflections
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Paschal Homily of Saint John Chrysostom
You just do the right thing
All these no maskers
Established in the bible
Being of your flock
Mathew 5:44
EXAM reaches out



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4 comments on “Exodus Americanus 257: Swiggity Swag, Get in the Bag

  1. Apesmacket

    These nibs really outchea drinking energy drinks. Damn…love you guys tho

  2. WhoIsAtlas

    Appreciate the friend posting guys, recently lost most my irl friends after one of them learned of my politics, and exposed that I’m a ‘Nazi’ to everyone else. Thought I could trust that man with my life, but he single handedly tried to destroy my life.

    • Unity Ostara

      That’s horrible and I have lost friends over my political beliefs as well. A few have put up with my opinions and agree to disagree but there’s been a few that dis owned me. Shame on them. Throwing away decades of friendship over anything is ridiculous.

  3. Unity Ostara

    But coincide we had our Frauenwaffe Spring party this past weekend. Got to go on a field trip to a moving sale. A low moment was when we had to drum out a sister for being a see you next Tuesday over a phone chat and admitting her birth mom was a J.

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