Exodus Americanus 256: In Rejection of Nihilism

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This week we lay off the caffeine and post up a nice and easy episode. No minute by minute notes this week, we gave our production manager Southern Spumoni the night off.



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5 comments on “Exodus Americanus 256: In Rejection of Nihilism

  1. roscoe’s mic is off center in the mix, slightly to the right channel

  2. Unity Ostara

    As a kid, I loved going down trails that were abandoned railroads. When I relocated back to Illinois, I found the trails overgrown by nature. The line in particular was abandoned in 1938 yet survived as a dirt bike route. Unfortunately, because of video games and internet it’s barely passable. The spot where there was a bridge over the river was my go-to spot to smoke a beer and drink a bowl back when I was a teen.

  3. The whole generational conflict is a massive and successful gayop. That being said, good show as always. Reject nihilism and retvrn.

  4. SamAlHajid

    Ay fix ur shit

    • SamAlHajid

      Ay man seriously fix this episode can’t play it.

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