Exodus Americanus 253: This Isn’t a Prank

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Oh hell yes, the crew is back and ready to make some waves and crush some cans. Will there be laughs? Will there be hot takes? Find out, only on this week’s recording of your favorite houseboat.

Happy Good Friday
Fedpost the normies
The founding fathers types
Stories with the chadpole
The traditions of people
White boy summer

One hot new remix

Sweet classics
A trainers job ends
And this isn’t a prank?
Mmmtruck stories
Gurren Lagann > Evangelion
Boarish Behavior



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11 comments on “Exodus Americanus 253: This Isn’t a Prank

  1. Pleased to be thanking you for podcast friends

  2. Unity Ostara

    Excellent episode. Was feeling meh before now I’m ready for a fun Saturday night. Happy Easter my Volk!

  3. LargeinCharge

    How come you guys aren’t on TRS any more?

  4. rockland

    did you guys leave trs i cant find your stuff anywhere on there?

  5. Spergman

    Is Mega Streamcast still on the site?

  6. Shat-talkin' Johnson

    are you guys not on the TRS network anymore?

  7. WhoIsAtlas

    Do yall mind if I post my thesis on the importance of Orbital Ring Arrays, Space Fountain technology, Space mining, and Orbital defense networks in a future comments section, I’d be interested in yalls takes on it

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