Exodus Americanus 252: I Have No Colander Yet I Must Strain

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This week the lads start to get their groove back on after a tumultuous 2 year period and proceed to call everyone out behind the school yard for a good old fashioned bare knuckle brawl.

Womanly affairs
Work frens
A new era. The hum era.
Talking to lost loved ones
One man property value
Ball pit energy drainers


Sunshine addiction
Nigger jokes
Work stories
Don’t buy cheap shit
Burn pit items



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7 comments on “Exodus Americanus 252: I Have No Colander Yet I Must Strain

  1. Unity Ostara

    Excellent episode! I’m blaming listening to losing my game of Triple A.

  2. why isn’t this show on TRS anymore?

    • I second this question. Out of the loop. Enjoyed your appearance on TGC Walrus.

    • RTX 9090 with 82 TB GDDR8 ram

      Better question is why would you want it to be? TRS blows these days and has since just before covid hit.

    • Unity Ostara

      The Houseboat needed its own canal.

  3. James Jonstone

    Roscoe your son is my son’s age. We’ve read the entire Chronicles of Narnia and now we’re on Redwall. Just do it.

    • irrelevant

      Will second Redwall, also the G. A. Henty historical adventure novels.

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