Exodus Americanus 250: Monday to Friday Goons with this Monday to Friday Planer/Joiner

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This week the boys hit the water at a nice cruising speed and take some weird laps down some weird rabbit hole. Get up on this big ol boat!!



Steam Codes
Roscoe : 131979457
Warlus : 1080833720

You can send cash, money orders, or the keys to a Subaru Baja to:

Exodus Americanus
3818 Paoli Pike #519
Floyds Knobs, IN 47119

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Send stuff from Amazon to help Roscoe and Chadpole settle into their new home: a.co/iu8E9IK

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7 comments on “Exodus Americanus 250: Monday to Friday Goons with this Monday to Friday Planer/Joiner

  1. tomatosan

    Ah, so the divorce rumors are true. Hope you get another ass to slap around soon.

    • Unity Ostara

      To quote Tony Soprano “I don’t get involved in matters of the heart”. Roscoe doesn’t deserve this shit. The Chadpole extremely doesn’t deserve this shit!

      • So Tabitha’s divorcing him orrrrrrr??

        Noticed they’re not on TRS anymore either (?)

  2. Unity Ostara

    Castle Roscovia

  3. Im praying for you brother. You come back to us every week and make your audiance laugh and smile. You have thousands of people who care about you because youve helped us. Your a God fearing man, christ will lift you up.

  4. unityostara

    I’ve said this before on Twitter, before I got banned but I will say it again. The Houseboat is like the garage I used to hang out with my boys. Talk shop, complain about work, chat about video games. Don’t get me wrong, love my hausfrau life and my Frauenwaffe but I need to hang out with the boys sometimes. Am/Ex gets the job done! Roll Houseboat Roll!

  5. Burnt Turtle

    Much love to you, Roscoe.

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