Skinwalker Tapes

Skinwalker Tapes 77: Oats Are Stored In The Balls

This week, the gang discusses mass hysteria.

The Soft White Untermench Skinwalker Tapes

Flame and Klaus open up the floor to our special guests EsotericApu and KashKustomer to talk about Laurel Canyon and Blue Oyster Cult. Roscoe stops in for a special appearance.
  1. The Soft White Untermench
  2. It Happened Once upon a Mail Delivery
  3. Veterans of the Foreskinwalker Wars
  4. What If we Kissed the the Suicide Forest?
  5. B-Side: The Brain Parasites told me to do it!
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1 comment on “Skinwalker Tapes 77: Oats Are Stored In The Balls

  1. Jan jansen

    Maybe something up your alley?
    In the Netherlands teens are so bored with the quarantine that they started cat fishing pedophiles and beating them up in the streets.
    And now the government, the police and the media are calling for it to stop and are blaming it on Qanon,”conspiracy theories” and mass hysteria.

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