Exodus Americanus 233: Exodus Americanus vs Pretty Much Everybody, Ever

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Fresh off of a boaring week where nothing of note happened anywhere in the good ol US of A, somehow, someway, Walrus and Roscoe dig deep and scrape together just enough content to against all odd, get a show out

*During this recording, Roscoe had a catastrophic computer failure, and the audio quality is not top notch, but it’s better than nothing so shut the hell up nerd.

Roscoe Moon
We try to not do this
White Trasionalist unite
Backwoods Warlord
Sneaking games
“Night Journey to Crack”
Literal dump of a game
Hapas: War Brides only

X gon party in the USA

Get in touch
As you wish
Scoring brownie points
Workin em young
Carrot not stick
Preparing for what’s next

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Roscoe : 131979457
Warlus : 1080833720

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1 comment on “Exodus Americanus 233: Exodus Americanus vs Pretty Much Everybody, Ever

  1. I miss the days when you guys were about self-improvement, building bird houses and DIY stuff. Now it’s the Jews don’t give you permission to do anything so you whine. Roscoe, promoting degenerate drug movies? Grow up, you’re not 14 anymore. And oh, by the way, use the Jew system to buy me shit from my Amazon wishlist. Walrus making fun of mix-raced marriages/couplings? I get it, but you’re neither married nor give any indication you’re involved with anyone. Is the white, Christian ethic only employed when it’s convenient? TDS turned into Holocaust Denial with Mike and the derailing retard Sven (boring), FTN was broken by covid and is too blackpilled, the other paywall shows were crap long before. TRS in general turned to shit. You guys were some of the best to come out of that. Get it together; this blackpilled shit doesn’t fit you.

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