Skinwalker Tapes

Skinwalker Tapes 73: Figgers Run Fast

The Soft White Untermench Skinwalker Tapes

Flame and Klaus open up the floor to our special guests EsotericApu and KashKustomer to talk about Laurel Canyon and Blue Oyster Cult. Roscoe stops in for a special appearance.
  1. The Soft White Untermench
  2. It Happened Once upon a Mail Delivery
  3. Veterans of the Foreskinwalker Wars
  4. What If we Kissed the the Suicide Forest?
  5. B-Side: The Brain Parasites told me to do it!
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1 comment on “Skinwalker Tapes 73: Figgers Run Fast

  1. aspiring_anzac

    Listen to your fist podcast about skinwalkers, wendigos and flesh gates oh my.

    You’re going on about left hand path rituals, its safe to say that taldumusm in the ultimate form of western left hand expression. A whole way of being expressed by the ritual breaking of their own laws and jewing over god, as well as beliving themselves to be some kind of part of god.

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