Exodus Americanus 228: Local Man Literally too Handy to Die

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Holy shit, it’s another f*cking show, it’s the best show ever again! We’re a stupid f*cking boat and we don’t know shit, and we don’t know how it feels to be sad!

Fire hot take
Art Deco designs
Bastardized media
Mod slave labor
The corruption of moral capital
Mike Rowe Nationalism

Old Time Thottery Barn
Where tha thrift shop in the hood?

Women don’t need these things
Welcome to new listeners
Spam vs dog food
Moments of the chadpole
Creating a world that should be

It’s just one of those happy days

Say a prayer for our people
New show announcement
The end of jungle apartment
Return of the app jobs
Know your appliances
New places same problems

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3 comments on “Exodus Americanus 228: Local Man Literally too Handy to Die

  1. Fallout 1 & 2 are wonderful. I liked 3, and am just now doing my first NV playthrough.

    I always loved the aesthetic of the Wasteland,.such a powerful commentary. Especially when you consider the corpse our America will leave behind. At least the Fallout America exuded the great WASP spirit of America…

    Also wait, Elvis was J00ish?

  2. Hey stick in their guys, I used to work construction with my father growing up and the business is a rough place to work in today’s environment. We eventually gave it up and I went from working Aircraft to the Railroad so I would have to say I’ve been blessed. You both seem like you have good hearts and I pray that you will always find your way out there. Godspeed frens.

  3. Earl Shetland

    Lamb! I spice it the way I was taught as a child: parsley, garlic, and allspice. Big recommend, especially over rice with Greek yogurt.

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