Exodus Americanus 205: Boars go to Heaven, Sheep go to Hell

Boar Bro

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This week the lads do that damn thing you all love so much, and maybe even do it a little better than usual. Strap on for some high energy Houseboating!

The Sermon of St. John Chrystotom
as read by Walrus Aurelius
Full use of your pallets
Blood sucking hairless kiwis
White racists were right again
Cold WHO takes
It gets into anime
Monsters the mind creates
Crockett saw a BigFoot

Terms Of FairUse
DMX / Crazytown

Julius Cesar’s greatness
Live as you will be called upon tomorrow
You aren’t in this alone
The biggest fag in the pandemic
Giving away gas
Ree and React
Boarish Behavior

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4 comments on “Exodus Americanus 205: Boars go to Heaven, Sheep go to Hell

  1. Unity Ostara

    Tic on my earlobe removed by cigarette burn.

  2. Unity Ostara

    I was 8

  3. It’s become a ritual to wait until I’m at work or in my shop for hobbywork to listen to Ex-Am.

    It’s funny, cause my Dad and I made about eight raised beds out of pallets I harvested from various jobs we’ve done.

    I think I’m three episodes into Maine’s quarantine. In which time I’ve created 14 “Coats of Bund” for the OG members of the NE Bund.

    Hell. Since I’ve heard yous mention the term Männerbund on your show, I reckon I oughta plug our site. Maybe someone clicks my link. Maybe they like what they see and use the contact form. Maybe they don’t. I dunno.

    Anyway, check the Männerbund site at:


    Regardless. As always, I’ve enjoyed listening. Keep your peckers clean, just like totally not crack addicted Jordan Wash-Your Peterson would want. Stay away from tick beds. Also. Chickens. Chickens help reduce tick populations.

    P.S.: if anybody wanted to see my Coats of Arms, there’s a mediocre photo in the cover of this blog entry.




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