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NotFunny Ep 31: Stay Tuned

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AAAAAAUGGGH!!! This week we talk about Wolverine’s butthole, Papa John’s endgame plans, and The Grimace’s redemption arc. Stay tuned!

The Coconut Crew: Host Sydney, Finley, PowderKeg, garden
@SydneySenex @IsuukD @PowerKing357 @g_rdn_

• Wolverine Ass Tearing Laughing
• Bill’s Dilemma
• Reading
• Papa John’s Day of Reckoning
• COPPAcalypse
• I Want To Be Neenja
• Male Podcast vs Female ASMR
• McDonald’s Lore



1 comment on “NotFunny Ep 31: Stay Tuned

  1. poplartree1

    Just a reminder that mel gibson lived in a trailer on the beach in lethal weapon and he was slaying mad aryan pussy. Travel trailers are the true homes of the Anti-semitic, woman fucking chads.

    Liked by 1 person

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