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Dope Movies and Shows Episode 25 – Realtime with DMS: Joker

Don’t get woker than Joker.


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Big thanks to our guest panelists Korbo and Toan.
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2 comments on “Dope Movies and Shows Episode 25 – Realtime with DMS: Joker

  1. Eternal Anglophile

    I watched the movie at the same time. It was great. You goys should do more of these!

    • Eternal Anglophile

      I wanted to clarify that I didn’t mean that the movie was great – I thought it was hot garbage and wouldn’t have watched it at all were it not for this podcast – but the experience of listening along was great.

      I don’t agree that Joker breaks any kind of mould, or even that it is really a serious piece of work. At best, I’ll concede that it was unusually earnest and avant-garde for a *mainstream* film, like a sort of crossover with the arthouse. What can be discerned of the film’s politics is just as shitty as anything I’ve seen after about 2014. Wake me up when a goy makes something that’s genuinely /ourmovie/.

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