Little Wars

Little Wars Episode 31: Shadow God Did Nothing Wrong


Little Wars is now on Exodus Americanus, here to scratch the traditional games itch when PST40k is on hiatus.  Little Wars is a podcast focused on all aspects of traditional gaming such as table top rpgs, board games, miniature wargames (like 40k), and trading card games.  We sincerely hope you enjoy this show and many others.

This episode Jack, Mongoose, and Jon all talk about painting, a brief battle report, pathfinder version 2, and Ryuutama.

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3 comments on “Little Wars Episode 31: Shadow God Did Nothing Wrong

  1. irrelevant

    Hadn’t heard these guys before, but from the couple episodes I’ve listened to so far they seem like a decent get.

    Their RSS works but is just titled “internet archive” on app importation btw, not sure if that’s a problem with the app I used, the RSS, or a weird opsec move.

    • It is likely a combination of the first two. I can’t be arsed to learn how to actually build my own RSS so I use feedburner, which catalogs the feed to our hosting service, which we hobo off of.

      Once I have a bit more time and money I’ll sort all this out.

      • irrelevant

        It’s all good. Plus in the process I discovered that the original Little Wars book has a librivox feed so I could one-click import it.

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