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NotFunny Ep 14: Diddy Kong Gay-Scene

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Let’s hear it for the boys! What would happen if you were trapped at a gay birthday party? How would you feel if a girl tricked you into lapping up her spotty vag? What would you think if another man m’lady or supped you silently on the street? Syd, Finley, and Keg are here to answer these brainteasers.
The Coconut Crew: Host Sydney, Finley, and PowderKeg

00:25 – A Pack of Smokes And Sangria
06:38 – Tailypoadline
14:00 – Bloody Pussy
16:00 – Drinking Discount Booze From A Dick
22:45 – Mesh Shirts Are Gay
30:20 – The Gay Birthday Party
47:50 – Newspapers Suck
51:04 – The Virgin ‘M’lady’ vs. The Chad ‘Sup Bro’
1:02:50 – Dicking Down
1:09:10 – Outra

1 comment on “NotFunny Ep 14: Diddy Kong Gay-Scene

  1. LeBlanc

    The black version of the Westminister Dog Show would be the Wes Bellamy Dog Fight.

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