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NotFunny Ep 13: Beggars Can’t Be Losers

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We’re a week late, but just pretend Etika’s death is still relevant okay? This week we talk about how dumb the non-American Anglosphere accents sound, failed entrepreneurs, New Age cult leaders, and lesbian cellists.
The Coconut Crew: Host Sydney, Finley, and PowderKeg

01:00 – Asians are Aliens
04:10 – Ray Comfort’s Netball Gospel
10:30 – Bulletball Begging
27:00 – Teal Swan
34:20 – Cello Lesbians
56:10 – Etika’s Butt Was Farmed?
1:06:00 – Skankfest 2019: Louis CK is Innocent
1:12:00 – Outro


2 comments on “NotFunny Ep 13: Beggars Can’t Be Losers

  1. Pitch for this show: Okay so you know that show Drunk History? It’s kind of like that but with movies. One drunk guy tries to explain a movie he watched to 2 other drunk guys. Not good movies either. Really bad movies only. Oh but this show is actually funny.

    • powderkeg357

      We were doing that with Charlotte’s Web after recording last night. “Some spider tries to convince everyone a pig is based by putting words in a web that make them think he’s really based”.

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