The Fatherland

The Fatherland Episode 154: “Dogs Don’t Go to Heaven”

Episode 154: “Dogs Don’t Go to Heaven”

Break tracks:
Alice in Chains – I Stay Away

Fr Coughlin – Warmongers and Financiers

Phil Collins – Against All Odds

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Host of The Fatherland, a podcast for right-wing dads and the young men who want to learn from them.

2 comments on “The Fatherland Episode 154: “Dogs Don’t Go to Heaven”

  1. RustySpoon

    Jim, bruh! You’re getting sound-cucked. The sound is so low I can only hear when listening through earbuds, and even then the levels are always rising or dropping. “You suck! Who are you? No talent!”. Just kidding, love ya, mean it.


    • realjimflanders

      I deliberately did no processing this week because I’ve had zero feedback on the audio quality, good or bad. Now that I know, I can fix it. Also sounds like I need to be coming in hotter for the live shows so the recording will work better on the road.


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