The Fatherland

The Fatherland Episode 145: Fair Use

You’ve heard his fiery sermons in between hours of ExAm – now Jim sits down with Fair Use for an extended conversation about his life and interests, permaculture, business, and of course how we all need Jesus. Plus, he answers listener questions! Enjoy Fair Use at 1x speed!

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Host of The Fatherland, a podcast for right-wing dads and the young men who want to learn from them.

2 comments on “The Fatherland Episode 145: Fair Use

  1. Kyle McDaniel

    I was wondering where you guys went!


  2. Guys,

    Been a listener for awhile. Long time struggle with the Wife with failure to cell divide. 3 years of trying we just got a diagnosis that’s easily treatable. Very good news. For a long time I was afraid I’d be a quiet listener and die without sons. Now I’ve got some hope.

    The long and short of it is the news was enough to make me think maybe there is a LORD out there hearing my prayers. I’m no longer a practising or even remotely Orthodox Catholic, but
    I appreciate we have them in the Movement. It was a pleasant surprise to see TOFU as your perhaps unfortunately acronymed guest and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing the non homiletic version at x1 speed. It’s fascinating to hear him out of character and talking about family.

    I’m sorry for the condensed comment that contains a few months of lurk, but I wanted to say that I appreciate your work. If for no other reason than I think our movement needs a moral compass. We also… Desperately… Need functional father figures with stones hard enough to justify growing up. Moral apathy is a horrendous problem for our guys, as is the snobby, snot-nosed attitude to the spiritually inclined.

    I would also like to make a plug for some Lads I work with in the Northeast. The Lost Tribe of New England, if you will. We’re rough around the edges, now, but making strides. If you are interested, maybe, in trading some notes… I’ve included my email in the comment form.

    (Rhymes with) Seax


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