Exodus Americans #147: The Beef Greased Itself

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Roscoe, Walrus, and Jim set sail again on the houseboat and impart a little wisdom in the process. Your real friends want the best for you, even when you don’t want it for yourself.

-No More Black Pills

-Even Styx Isn’t Safe

-It’s Really A Squirrel

-Prison Marriage

-Rivers And Intertubes (And Beer)

-Burning Brussels 58-TD (Part 1)

-Q And A

-Hydra Dominatus

-Assaulted Animals BOARISH BEHAVIOR

-Not Our Nuts -Merry Christmas!

-More Beer

-Roscoe’s Onesie

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  1. Be careful using corn as bait on the river. Some stretches of river will have bans on corn because of trout regulations. I had a buddy keep his in a dip can to hide it from the wildlife officers.

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