Exodus Americanus #145: The Hermeneutics Of Gay Pilgrims

Gay Pilgrims

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Host Walrus is joined by Roscoe and occasional guest Jim for another fantastic voyage of the houseboat!

2 comments on “Exodus Americanus #145: The Hermeneutics Of Gay Pilgrims

  1. verbotempestas

    This is by far the best poetry podcast on the dissident right.

  2. Excellent show, as usual. Hate to be the sperg, but somebody has to do it. Epigenetic information is not passed down the generations. In the early stages of embrionic cell growth, all epigenetic information on embryonic stem cells are deleted.

    Epigenetic information is only passed to the next generation, that is when the embryo is influenced at the time it forms its sperms or eggs. In all other circumstances, the epigenetic information has to be acquired again.

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