Exodus Americanus #144: America Is Rome Plus Diversity

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Today the houseboat crew is joined by Myles Poland of The Godcast for some really weird news stories and a bit of reflection on the modern world.


-The Godcast

-Girls In The Boys Lockerroom


-Catching A Buzz In The Third World


-Working With Beaners

50-Terms Of Fair Use #73: Gas It!

-Swallowell Is A Moron

-Western Decline

-Emotions Are Healthy



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1 comment on “Exodus Americanus #144: America Is Rome Plus Diversity

  1. Dont worry over much about an explosion in the african-american fertility rate. Pay close attention to anglo-caribbean. The black TFR in the anglo-caribbean is well below replacement in every country.The largest country in the anglo-caribbean is Jamaica, and their TFR for 2017 was below 1.50. Most countries in the anglo-caribbean do not have abortion on demand.

    in 10 years time, the black tfr will be far below that of the white. Their numbers will still grow, but only through immigration.

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