The Fatherland

Episode 139


Live show:
Go there to find the phone numbers to call in or to “call” in via your Xbox headset

Message me on there to get in the secret Listener’s Group!

Twitter: @fatherlandradio

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Unofficial TRS forums: (it’s cool)

Donations: we’re cool for now.

PO Box: Coming soon, possibly. Stay tuned.
Break tracks:
Hour 2: The Devil – Fulton Sheen
Hour 3: What is Hell in the Modern World? – Fulton Sheen

Host of The Fatherland, a podcast for right-wing dads and the young men who want to learn from them.

1 comment on “Episode 139

  1. God I’ve missed the show! Thought you guys got shoahed, quit seeing you on TRS and just happened to hear your ad on Exodus Americanus which I was listenening to via TRS.

    I’ll be binge listening to get caught up 🙂


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