Exodus Americanus #132: Rugged Americanism

safety on work

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Roscoe needs a SawStop before he runs out of fingers.


-Jim Is Fired

-70% Huge Boobs



-Repeal 19

-Cosmopolitan Bugmen



-Roscoe Is Fired


-Suburbanite Something

-Peak Swipple!



-The Gods Of The Copybook Headings – Rudyard Kipling


1:01 – Byron De La Vandal and Paddy Tarleton – March On Christian Soldiers

-From The Hollow

-Something Tangible

-More Swipple Stuff

-Large Format Is Magic

-If It’s A Good Fit

-Feel Free To Send Cash


-The Absolute State Of KFC



No link for BDLV&Paddy since the screws got turned to them, but I’m sure they would appreciate donations.  Please lay some coin on Fair Use too.  Every $5 or $10 will help. -Ron

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1 comment on “Exodus Americanus #132: Rugged Americanism

  1. Thank you for saying what you did about Striker. I am so sick of everyone on the alt-right licking his communist “I don’t care if whites are starving in my utopia” nads. I knew there was a reason I liked your show more than most other shows on TRS.
    Also fuck Sven and his power trip. If he can’t handle people giving their real opinions in the comments, he can eat a cold bag of dicks. I refuse to pay for any more of his guitars or Mike’s pastrami sandwiches. Seriously, fuck those guys as of late. That place is becoming a god damn cult.

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